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lindsey give this to meeee i logged onto tumblr for the first time in like 4 years for this ok


~~***~~~***~~~I IS DOING A GIVEAWAY!!~~**~~~***~~~

*You gets*
- The original big pink bow from Dark Matters Clothing
- Spiked pink headband
- Black and white polka dot head wrap/bow
- Pastel skulls necklace, tag still attached!
- Gasmask ring
- Tophat skull ring
- Angel wing suspenders
- Bunny ear purse
- Set of bottom eyelashes (one pair missing, which I tried and didnt like :p)
- A surprise, based on your blog ^3^

*Da r00lz*
- You must be following me, Sparrowsprite!
- Only reblogs count; unlimited — post until your heart is content!!
- Main blogs only! (No giveaway blogs)
- Only United States and the UK please (Shipping costs elsewhere can get unpredictable)


The winner will be chosen on August 1st, AS LONG AS a good amount of people have entered.  If only like 10 people entered then it’s gonna have to be extended >_>



urgh i havent had any time to be on here :/

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